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When you are an athlete, people, coaches, teammates, and fans often surround you. Often what follows is a philosophy of "suck it up and work through the pain". But this mentality doesn’t help the pain, and can leave you with lasting pain long after you have retired.

There were probably those people who were angry, and those who ignorantly down played what you went through, those who didn’t, and often refused to try to understand.

Dealing with those who didn’t believe you, who called you out and made you feel fake, and on top of that you had in the back of your mind what if while I am off recovering someone takes my place. It is no wonder your body has suffered so much damage. Anxiety and depression usually are no stranger to those who suffer from chronic pain, and can often stop you from getting the help required.


Feelings of being weak, being fake, or "others have it worse than me" often follow suit. Pain has probably been a part of your life for so long now that it has become the norm.  But if your pain is at 10, wouldn’t it be better to reduce it so that you can have a better quality of life.  PAIN DOESN’T HAVE TO BE WITH YOU EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY.








Why suffer debilitat

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