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The big question is - Why does some pain seem to last forever?  If you suffer from chronic pain some movements that should be normal, can continue to cause pain, even after the risk of causing more damage has passed and tissues have healed.


It is extremely important if you have chronic pain to explore the possibility of tissue damage to rule it out, but some pain can be caused by a person’s anxiety and fear of returning to things like sport.

If you focus too much attention on the pain, it can make it worse or more apparent. Think of how our minds work, as soon as someone mentions head lice, you start to scratch and itch, even though no nits are there. That’s the power of the subconscious.

It can be the same, or very similar, with pain. The more you focus, the more it can grow and affect you. Trust me I am not trying to make light of your pain. But this is the beauty of hypnotherapy, to take the focus off of pain to help reduce it. Removing it completely is not my goal, as pain is important to warn our body when things aren't right, but why suffer more than you have to! Hypnotherapy is a great and natural alternative. Our mind is such a powerful tool, let me help you put it to work for you.

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