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We know that injuries are a part of sport. Often the phrase "no pain no gain" is thrown around. This phrase applies when pushing to improve performance, you get that burning sensation. That's okay, but it should go away relatively quickly after you finish exercising. If you have retired and are still living with constant pain after your injury has healed that’s when I can help.


How much pain is too much?                           


When it makes you worried about adjusting your posture or rolling over in bed. When just sitting on a chair trying to relax is painful.  Simple movements that make your life miserable when you should be comfortable that’s when.

Reducing the pain is more simple than you probably thought, and it can help you regain the confidence and happiness you need. Don't do it tough when you can make it so much more easier on yourself. With reduced pain, you can focus on being a lot happier, healthier, and recovering.

It's never easy to recover, it's difficult to push past the fear and the limiting thoughts that surround being in pain, but there are ways that can help you. I specialise in helping people through hypnotherapy get back some of the freedom of movement they have lost through sport.

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